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Who is SOTAD?

SOTAD is not associated or affiliated with any denomination. We are an independent study and ministry group comprised of lettered scholars, academics and active ministers whose foremost purpose is the preservation, restoration and dissemination of the only historically authentic biblical doctrine: the Apostles’ doctrine.


SOTAD 2018 will be held at:

Historic Davenport Hotel
10 S. Post Street
Spokane, Wa.

Hotel reservations: 855-479-0732 or 855-516-1092
Please mention SOTAD to receive the special Symposium rate

2018 Presentations Will Include:

The Effects of Technology and Social Media Upon the 21st Century Church

Separation From the World: A Biblical Definition

The Homosexual Delusion: Same Sex Attraction and the Word of God

Biblical Counseling and the 21st Century Church

Multi-Culturalism: The New Norm

Biblical Holiness

An Apostolic Response to Biblical Illiteracy

Doctrine, Ordinances, Traditions and Personal Preferences

The Early Church and the Philosophical Academy (Part 2)

Apostolic Preaching and Present Day Possibilities

And More…

2018 Presentations by:

Dr. Nathaniel Wilson

Dr. Daniel Blash

Dr. Kenneth Bow

Rev. Douglas Walker

Dr. Jeremy Painter

Rev. Timothy Hadden

Rev. C. Myles Young
(Doctoral Candidate)

Rev. Caleb Adams

Dr. Jesse Galindo

Dr. Devon Mills